Open Water (Working title)
2022, Documentary

Nikki never thought she would become a successful athlete. She has never been sporty and doesn't look like a typical athlete. Nevertheless, she manages to perform exceptionally well in „Open Water Swimming“. „Open Water Swimming“ is the name given to swimming in open waters such as lakes, rivers and oceans. By swimming in open water, she has learned that her mind and body are capable of extraordinary feats and that everybody has hidden talents, which just has to be discovered. She believes in the strength of everybody and shares her experiences with children with various disabilities by training them to cross the English Channel as a relay team.
Director, Editor  Miguel Temme 
Producer  Jonas Borgloh 
DoP, Color Grading   Mattis Schulte
Sound design  Melis Sarikaya
Co-Production  FH Dortmund​​​​​​​​​​​​​​